The residual is not zero

Hi,professor! There is a probelm in finding steady state. I can’t find out what’s wrong? Could you help me to see what the cause of the errow was? It is the setting of the parameters or the equation itself that is the problem. Thank you !
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Check your computations. You have e.g.

ZGs =  4.3520e+151

Professor, thank you for your guidance. I’ve recalculated the model, but I’ve run into a new problem. First, the residual of equation two is not 0, but I think there is no problem with my calculation. Second, there is Inf, I have checked that the denominators in the expression have been given initial values, so I would like to ask you where the problem is
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Check your initial value computations. dcs for example is complex.

Thank you prifessor. I have recalculated the equation,but a new problem has arisen. As a newbie, I don’t konw how to modify it. Could you tell me teh cause of this problem and in which direction should I modify. Thanks again.
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Only do the exp()-substitution once the model works. Or better, append auxiliary variables.

Hi professor. I have encountered a new problem, is my calculation wrong? Still the parameters are not set correctly.
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As the message states:

resid: The initial values for the steady state of the following variables are complex:

Those initial values are negative before you take the log.