The problem of pulse response graph

In my model results, the following issues have arisen:

  1. Why is the image not smooth enough, with noticeable fluctuations around the fifth epoch?
  2. Why is there such a significant variation in the image concerning ‘p1c,’ reaching 6000?
  3. Why is there an impact on r2, but it doesn’t start changing from 1?

I hope that the teachers can provide me with some guidance on whether these issues are related to the model itself or the parameters.
result1.mod (5.5 KB)


I can only give you the generic advice: simplify your model and see where the problem comes from. Most often, such pictures result from complex internal propagation mechanisms at work, usually transmitted by forward-looking equations like the Euler equation.

thank you very much ,I will check my model again.

Dear teacher, is this kind of result acceptable? Although this graph has some issues, the overall trend aligns with our research.

You are the only one who can judge that. You need to be able to explain what is going on in your model.