The output of stoch_simul after estimation

I know stoch_simul will give out the IRFs to one standard-deviation shock, but I am curious about the case if I put stoch_simul after the estimation step like the following:

stoch_simul(irf=20)a x y pi r c inv h q dt n w rn;

Does it load the estimated standard deviation automatically?

Sorry I search the help file but find nothing directly relevant.

in this case, dynare will give you irfs for the model parameters set at their respective values at the posterior mode or ML point.


Dynare will give you IRFs for the model parameters set at the posterior mode (or MV estimate if priors are not defined) if you just estimate the posterior mode, or at the posterior mean if you run a metropolis-hastings. In your case I guess it should be the posterior mean, because the default value of mh_replic is 20000 (so your estimation command should trigger a metropolis hastings).