"The New Keynesian Wage Phillips Curve: Calvo vs. Rotemberg"

I want to replicate the paper of our Professors Born/Pfeifer (2018)

could anyone help me to provide the updated mod file?



not work?

Dear Professor,

it doesn’t work.

But what is the problem? The testsuite with Dynare 6 passed on the files.

Professor,it shows

Did you use Dynare 6.0? Or did you change anything? I cannot replicate the issue.

yes Professor,I am using dynare 6.0 without changing anything.

That cannot be correct. Please provide the .driver.m file in question.

driver.m (47.2 KB)

If you did not modify anything, why is there a

/Observable Variables

in the mod-file?

Sorry Professor,I attached wrong file
dynare.m (13.1 KB)

Now that is definitely the wrong file.

dynare.m (13.1 KB)


What are you doing? You did not even use a proper file name.

i am sorry Professor