Tex output - unwanted subscript "t"

The Tex output option is extremely useful, made better recently with the addition of the model_local_variable command. Unfortunately, when local parameter definitions thus created are subsequently transferred by Dynare into the equations of the compiled Tex file, they come with a “t” subscript attached. This is by no means critical, but it would be very nice indeed if it were possible to fix this issue so that the output .pdf file eliminates those unwanted subscripts. I have been doing so by hand, but it is extremely tedious!
Many thanks

This is not feasible due to the construction of model-local variables. As the name says, they can be true variables and can be lagged or leaded in time. In that case, the time index is actually mandatory. Because Dynare does not know whether a model-local variable only contains static objects or also dynamic objects, the time index is generally put there.

Thanks Prof. Pfeifer,
I was of course aware that the name implied that Dynare would treat these items as variables (hence the “t” subscript). My query was implicitly whether there could be a “model_local_parameter” type of command, which would not then add the subscript.

I am afraid, we currently don’t have the resources to implement this. I agree that it would be convenient, but it’s not critical.