Syntax Highlighting for Dynare

One thing I have found really helpful in making large .mod files more readable and hence easier to work with, is to use an editor with syntax highlighting and code folding enabled to recognize the Dynare commands and keywords. The editor that I have used is Notepad++, which among other features, has a simple interface to design a new scheme for syntax highlighting for a new language. I’ve used that interface to design such a scheme, and thought I’d pass it on since I think others could find it quite useful too.

If this sounds interesting to you, take a look at the attached .zip file, try it out, and let me know what you think!


Håkon Tretvoll
Dynare Highlighting - (3.52 KB)

hi Håkon Tretvoll
It’s very helpful. Thanks a lot.

Note that there is also an Emacs mode for Dynare, included in the unstable version.

Hello Hakon,
Thanks for sharing this. Do you have an updated version of the syntax highlighting scheme ?
I’m interested in code folding in particular, and in being able to fold specified bits of the code (for example I want to group parameters or variables). A problem I found is that the code folding keywords are not uniquely specified (for instance I have a piece of text like “endo_names” and the it identifies this as “Folder-” keyword). Thanks!