Syntax error: Unexpected error Divide, expecting equal

Hi all,
rbcpanos.mod (1.1 KB)
I am new in Dynare and I am trying to simulate a basic RBC as in the notes of Bilbiie (2010).
However, I do not know why I am constantly given errors. I tried to run it both in its log-linear and in the non-linear form but in both cases I am given errors. I also do not know whether I am missing any block.

In the log-linear formulation, do we need to specify the steady state or give initial values?

I attach both the log-linearized and the non-linear version.

Any help highly appreciatedrbcbnonlin.mod (709 Bytes)

Hi again. Any suggestions on how to proceed? I am still struggling

In the first one, there is a semicolon missing at the end of the previous line. For the second one, start with
rbcbnonlin.mod (745 Bytes)

Also, see