Syntax error for optimal policy rule

Hi I want to find the optimal policy rule which minimizes volatility of output,inflation and credit to output ratio. Following is the part of my code. It is showing "syntax error, unexpected COMMA, expecting EQUAL or ‘.’ When i remove osr_param_bounds block it’s working fine. I am using Matlab 2013 version. Can anyone please point out the error?

infl 1;
y 0.25;
LtoY 0.1;

osr_params lambda phiy phipi;

lambda, 0, 1;
osr(opt_algo=9) ;

The problem is resolved.Sorry to bother.

In Manual, this is wrong! It is right that osr_params_bounds

Yes, indeed that is a typo in the manual

How did you solve it?

By using the correct osr_params_bounds-command.