Symproduct on Dynare

Hi everyone,

I´m relatively new using Dynare and I´m having troubles to write a symproduct like I´d write on Matlab.

How can I write the next expression?


What exactly is the question? How to enter it? Or whether this is feasible? What is t here? Time? If yes, the problem is not time-invariant anymore.

The question is how to enter it in the model block. Yes, t, is time and g is a growth rate.

Why can’t you simply write out the product?

I tried to write it as a symproduct but Dynare is unable to read it and because is a product from 1 to t, I don´t know how to do it. How would you write it?

I still don’t see how this is supposed to be in the model. You are defining a function of t? Why can’t you write it recursively? It’s
\Gamma_t=\Gamma_{t-1}\times g_t
with an initial value of \Gamma_0