Symbol y cannot take argments

Hi, professor,

I have run into difficultities when running the attached model file.
The error message says" ERROR: money.mod: line 356, cols 6-10: Symbol y cannot take arguments.

Error using dynare (line 229)
DYNARE: preprocessing failed

Please could you help me diagnose it ?

Bestmoney.mod (14.6 KB)
data.xls (58 KB)

You have a block of code

// measurement equations

pinfobs = 1*(pinf) + constepinf;
robs =   1*(r) + conster;
labobs = lab + constelab;

in the file that does not belong there. Those are model equations, but you have them right in the middle of some plot commands.

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Thanks for your help.
However, I stil had some problems computing the steady state after adjustment. I have tried to add the"initval" and " steady_state_model" block, without any success. Please could you help me again?

money.mod (15.2 KB)

In your steady_state_model block you need
robs =conster;

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