Symbol r declared twice?

Dear professor @jpfeifer,

@stepan-a is not responding, so could you help me instead please? I obtain error message that symbol r is declared twice, although I introduce the variable in the model block and steady state model block once only. Thank you.

Modeln.mod (3.7 KB)
reestimate model.m (371 Bytes)
data1.mat (4.9 KB)

You have in your first line:

var dc dr dm dpi din r h x a e z v y k in c d m w r q n tau lambd ksi pi c_obs m_obs in_obs pi_obs r_obs Dataitrobs Dataitpiobs Dataitmobs Dataitinobs Dataitcobs;

Perfect, I corrected this.

However, now I obtain this error:
The steadystate file did not compute the steady state

Model1.mod (3.7 KB)
data1.mat (4.9 KB)
reestimate model.m (371 Bytes)

You forgot to set the steady state of the observables:
Model1.mod (3.7 KB)

But now I obtain this error:

I can't find a datafile (with allowed extension m, mat, csv, xls or xlsx)

Model2.mod (3.7 KB)
data1.mat (4.9 KB)
reestimate model.m (371 Bytes)

Check the naming of your data file.

Perfect, I can partially run the file, however at some point i get this error message:
error: chol: input matrix must be positive definite

Can I just ignore it?

Always provide the full error message.

Please find the entire output in the attachment.

Dear professor,

I provided the entire error message, as you requested. Is there anything else I can provide? The reply is much appreciated in advance!

This suggests that something during estimation goes completely wrong. Already the value of the initial likelihood suggests that an error codes was triggered.

Dear professor Pfeifer,

  1. I think I should first make the original estimation file work, before proceeding to adding function
  2. For some reason I can run Bayesian estimation, but not ML. As soon as I replace intervals with mean values of estimated parameters, I obtain error message.

Any advice will be much appreciated!

Model4Bayes.mod (3.7 KB)
Model3 ML.mod (3.6 KB)

You did not provide the data file.