Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR) model

Dear Dynare users;
Is it possible to write SIR model in dynare?

Yes, that is possible. I will soon upload an example.

Thanks a lot for your reply, will be looking forward.

The file is now at


Dear Johannes,

Is it possible to mix a perfect foresight solution with a stoch_simul solver ?

I’m looking to mix a SIR model with DSGE model.


Verónica Acurio

That is tricky. If you are trying to preserve non-linearities, then the answer is no. But a first-order approximation may be fine. You would need to test this.

You mean linearize the DSGE and then use perfect foresight?

Because if you linearize the SIR, you loose an important part of the dynamics, specially because the steady state of infected is 0.

If a first order approximation is not sufficient, you may try higher order or go for stochastic extended path. The latter is rather experimental, unfortunately.

Hello, I am trying to modify the codes based on my purposes. Could you please give me some suggestions If I send you the code?

I replied to your email. But usually it’s preferred to use the forum.