Supressing output in 'steady' and 'simul' commands

Hi there,

Why isn’t there a way to suppress output in the command window for the ‘steady’ and ‘simul’ commands using the ‘noprint’ option? (Which by the way is very strange, since in the ‘steady’ function there is a line that reads ‘if options_.noprint == 0’)

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For steady, there is usually no point of doing this, because the command is there to display the steady state. But you can nevertheless simply put
before the command to suppress the output. For simul we have never thought about this. Why do you think this would be useful?

Hi Johannes,

I am calibrating parameters in a deterministic model and I am thus using dynare within a Matlab optimizer. So I am not interested at all in any output that comes out of every iteration of the optimizer. That is why the less output I get, the better (including the short output from the simul command).
I thought the steady command would compute the steady state of the model and then print it on the command window. If I suppress the command altogether, the model will not start from the steady state, right?
Anyways, thank you for your help. I will add options_.noprint=1 to my dynare code.


  1. I added a ticket to implement this at
  2. Yes, for perfect foresight simulations, you need to call steady if you want to use a steady state as a starting or terminal value.

@feliperuiz01 Actually there is a hidden option that will disable most output from perfect foresight simulations. Just write the following before running the simulation:

options_.verbosity = 0;

We definitely should add a documented interface to this feature.

Nice! Thank you so much for your help.