Strange Unsmoothed Real variables but smoothed "bonds"

Dear All:

I build a model based on Iacoviello 2010’s two sector DSGE model, and I introduce mortgage constraints into both the real estate sector and consumption sector based on Iacoviello 2005. So the two production sectors also contain borrowing constraints and they use capital as collateral.

The irf result is quite strange, all the real variables (say, output, consumption, labor, inflation) respond to all shocks very Unsmoothly. I have tried to introduce consumption habit into both patient and impatient households, but it makes no help.

More strange is that bonds(bonds in impatient household, in real estate sector and in consumption sector) respond very smoothly, distinctly different from those real variables.

Why can this happen? This result has frustrated me for more than 3 weeks and I have tries to make lots of small modification but still can not figure out why. Please help!
Sincere thanks in advance.
The mod.file and 1 irf results are attached below. (2.4 KB)

God Blesses! Please help to solve the problem!

It would help if you posted your mod file, so people can see what your model looks like, otherwise it’s going to be hard to guess what drives your results.

I make some modification to the mod. The new mod.file is attached above. The problem still holds and please help!
Sincere thanks!
God blesses!

You need to understand the workings of your model. There are some variables that react very sharply (c and cc) while others react in a smooth way (c1 and c2). If there is a tightly binding constraint, it may not be unusual that there is a big response, i.e. the biggest adjustment in the first period with a subsequently smoother reaction. The differential path of the variables should give you insights into what is happening. For outsiders who do not know your model and the variables definitions, it will be hard to help you.