Stop displaying iteration procedures

Hi, just want to ask a silly question: is there a way to stop dynare from displaying iteration procedures? I am running a perfect foresight model in a loop and don’t want too many iteration information in the log file. Thanks a lot!

There is the noprint-option and

Dear Prof: Thanks for your prompt reply! But as I remember, noprint option is for stoch_simul only, isn’t it? I am running a perfect-foresight model. It doesn’t work inside perfect_foresight_solver.

The second way of options_.verbosity=0 disables Model Simulation part. Can I also supress the output of homotopy method and the message “Perfect foresight solution found.”?

Thanks a lot!

In Dynare 4.6, noprint also works for perfect_foresight_solver, see

Oh I am still using the old version 4.5.6. That’s why noprint doesn’t work. It is a very useful update. Thank you so much!