Stochastic Growht Trends in Open Economy Models

Hi all,

I´m trying to estimate (/partially calibrate) a standard open economy DSGE model with three regions exhibiting different stochastic growth trends (random walk with drift). I would guess that I have to stationarize the model equations by detrending the variables with their respective country-specific trend, but I´m not sure and could not find any hints on this topic in related literature. Does it simply work that way or do the differences in stochastic growth trends across regions add additional problems in stationarizing the model?

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Here is an example where they use different trends ( i think deterministic) in a multi-sector model. the steady-state growth path is quite complex and they also have an online appendix. may not be difficult to extend it to multiple countries. … jA4ZjljM2Y


Thanks a lot for your reply. That´s a very interesting paper.

the link you posted is expired now,I am working on a multi-sector model with different growth trends ,could you please reposted the linke again?Thank you very much!