Sticky price model

Hi, I am trying to write a sticky price model. Following dynare manual, the optimal price p*=S/D, where S and D are infinite sum of some variables. Then write S and D recursively out. But it seems that dynare reports that Blanchard and Kahn condition is not satisfied. I check manytimes, but can not find the mistakes.
Is there anyone who can help me on this? Thank you very much!
stickyprice_steadystate.m (1.93 KB)
stickprice.mod (833 Bytes)


First you didn’t assign a value to the parameter “phi”. Besides, your steady-state file (stickyprice_steadystate.m) is called differently than your mod-file (stickprice) such as Dynare cant find your initial values to compute the steady-state and set each variable at 0 by default.