--steps option not working

I’m trying to use the --steps option in dynare++ in a model. I am getting the error:

Caught TL exception: At …/tl/cc/t_container.hh:186:NaN or Inf asserted in TensorContainer::insert

This issue only occurs when the --steps option is set greater than 0. Or in other words, I can solve models in dynare++ normally around the deterministic steady state.

Problem occurs in the model I’m working with but also in the example given in the dynare++ files, so I include that below in case its of use (with order=3, rather than 7. It gives the same error either way, just gets there faster with a lower order…)

So my command line text to get the above error would be: dynare++ --steps 1 example1.mod
Whilst the command line text: dynare++ example1.mod
will give the expected output.

Thanks for any help - much appreciated!


  • This Dynare++ mod-file implements the RBC model with time-to-build

  • described in Kamenik (2011): “DSGE Models with Dynare++. A Tutorial.”

  • Note that Dynare++ uses the same stock-at-the-end-of-period timing convention

  • as the regular Dynare


var Y, C, K, A, H, B;

varexo EPS, NU;

parameters beta, rho, alpha, delta, theta, psi, tau;

alpha = 0.36;

rho = 0.95;

tau = 0.025;

beta = 1/(1.03^0.25);

delta = 0.025;

psi = 0;

theta = 2.95;


CthetaH^(1+psi) = (1-alpha)*Y;


(exp(B(1))alphaY(1)/K(1)+1-delta) = 1;

Y = exp(A)K^alphaH^(1-alpha);

K = exp(B(-1))*(Y(-1)-C(-1)) + (1-delta)*K(-1);

A = rhoA(-1) + tauB(-1) + EPS;

B = tauA(-1) + rhoB(-1) + NU;



A = 0;

B = 0;

H = ((1-alpha)/(theta*(1-(delta*alpha)/(1/beta-1+delta))))^(1/(1+psi));

Y = (alpha/(1/beta-1+delta))^(alpha/(1-alpha))*H;

K = alpha/(1/beta-1+delta)*Y;

C = Y - delta*K;


vcov = [0.0002 0.00005;

0.00005 0.0001


order = 3;

Thank you for reporting this bug. I opened a ticket at Dynare++: fix --steps option (#1804) · Issues · Dynare / dynare · GitLab but it will most probably take until September to fix it.

Great - thanks for the speedy reply!