I’m working through a baseline RBC model. All worked fine when I entered the exact s.s. into the model file, but when I created a separate _steadystate.m file the computation failed. I thought I augmented the steadystate.m examples provided here, but apparently I made a mistake. Can someone help me? I know that the calculations in the steadystate.m file should be correct, because matlab can calculate them separately.
I’m happy for any help.

rbc_baseline_steadystate.m (1.49 KB)
rbc_baseline.mod (971 Bytes)

Where did you get the wrong steady state file from? The structure should follow the one in the NK_baseline_steady_state.mod in the examples folder of Dynare. I corrected it. Moreover, your Euler equation was wrong (missing bracket after the stochastic discount factor; the undepreciated capital part must be discounted as well) as were the steady state equations. Attached is a hopefully correct version.
rbc_baseline_steadystate.m (1.67 KB)
rbc_baseline.mod (1003 Bytes)

Thanks a lot for your reply. It works perfectly.
I guess I tried a combination of a .m file I found online and lecture notes, obviously not in an appropriate way. Actually, I found out that one of my older attempts worked when I changed the steady state equations in the way you did. But I don’t really understand my mistake. Is the definition of r one plus the interest rate (r= 1+ interest rate)? If yes, why do I have to integrate them?

Your first order condition was wrong. The stochastic discount factor also applies to the undepreciated part of capital. See any macro textbook on the RBC model.