Steady state issues on multi-sector model

Dear All,
I’m trying to run a simple two-sector dsge model with Input-Output structure but I never manage to compute the steady state. Every time I change the parameters, a different type of problem appear in the command so I’m quite puzzled about the issue. I checked my equations many time but couldn’t find a mistake (which doesn’t mean there is not). Is the problem related to my model ? Here are the equation system and the mod.file.
Thank you very much !

Multibis.log (2.8 KB)
Multibis.m (10.6 KB)Multibis.mod (3.8 KB)

The multi_ss.m is missing.

Dear Professor,

Sure sorry for the miss. Here you can find it and the aggregate indices.

Thanks a lot !

Multi_ss.m (2.4 KB)

On my machine, the steady state is found, but the model exhibits singularity. Are you sure about the timing of capital? Usually, its predetermined.

Dear Professor,

You’re right, I changed the timing of capital but the same error message appears. Multibis_static.m (7.7 KB)

You did not provide the mod-file

Sorry : Multibis.mod (3.8 KB)

I am still not convinced by the timing. For example

	K_A = DELT*ALPHA_A*P_A(+1)*Y_A(+1)/(P_A-DELT*(1-DELTT)*P_A(+1));

looks strange.