Steady state file - ordered equations

Hello guys,

I am using a matlab function to find the ss of my model. I don’t have closed forms for the most part of equations. Thus, is impossible put a clean sequency of equations. Matlab can’t find the solution of system that are not ordered?

Thank you.

deterministic_SS_Rafael_Morilha.txt (3.4 KB)

In that case, you would need to call a solver to numerically deal with simultaneous equation system.

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Thank you!
I calculated my SS by hand and put in a SS file.

But something is wrong on the first line and I can’t call a solver.

Any idea what is going wrong?

Thank you very much for your time!

Rafaelss.m (3.0 KB)

I would need to see the full set of files.

Here is my dynare and steady state file codes updated.

Dynare did not found any S.S… As initial guess I used some values from a very close model (I know that I have no guarantees, once the model is sufficiently different). Either my S.S. file found anything, as you see. Do you think that fsolve algorithm is the reason behind this? Any better suggestion?

There is a possibility that my model has no S.S. point. Do you know any strategy to check this possibility?

ss_dynare_forum.m (3.8 KB)
model_dynare_for.mod (5.7 KB) s).

You said you computed the steady state by hand, now you solve it numerically. Which one is true? You should compute it by hand. That is the only way of checking correctness/consistency.

Numerically. On this way is impossible to know the difference between:
a) I solved my model on a wrong way
b) this calibration I have no S.S. point
wright ?

I would be surprised if the model itself has no steady state. It is more likely that your coding of the model equations contains a mistake. That is why the numerical approach is problematic. You know that your steady state computations and the model equations are imcompatible, but you don’t know which one(s).