Steady_state-file must return a column vector, not a row vector

Dear colleagues,
I am hoping someone can point out an error in my _steadystate.m file, resulting in “steady_state-file must return a column vector, not a row vector” message. I am running it in Dynare 5.0.
Backstory: the attached Bench_Old.mod file happily runs in dynare 5.0. The initial values are included in the file itself, as part of the initval block.
I’ve decided to move these initial value computations to the companion _steadystate.m file; see the pair Bench.mod and Bench_steadystate.m. I’ve copied the _steadystate.m framework from NK_baseline_steadystate.m file that came with the dynare installation, and moved the equations from Bench_Old.mod initval block.
However, when I run the new Bench.mod file, there is an issue with the initial values computed in the companion file.
I hope there is an easy fix for a small issue I’m overlooking as I am learning the new syntax.
Thank you!

Bench_Old.mod (26.8 KB)
Bench.mod (21.8 KB)
Bench_steadystate.m (6.5 KB)

You have a variable named ys. That will conflict with the naming within the steady state file.

Wow, that’s an embarrassing oversight on my part. Thank you for pointing this out so quickly, Johannes!