I am experiencing problems when I try to get standar deviation into a equation. Is it possible? if it is so, what’s the proper formula? std(vble)? I’ve tried with this and this error shows up:
syntax error, unexpected NAME, expecting INT_NUMBER or MINUS or PLUS

thanks in advance for your help,



The correct syntax is “sqrt(x)” (reference: p.10 of the Dynare Manual)


update: sorry I misunderstood… but know that the functions listed in p.10 of the dynare manual are the all ones you are allowed to use into the block model. “stderr” works nly for the block “shocks” n estimation.

Thanks a lot Assia!!
That function brings the square root and I need the standard deviation!!

It is not possible to put the standard deviation of some endogenous variable in the model, it would make the resolution much more difficult.

If you want to put the standard deviation of some exogenous, then simply copy the value that you put in the “shocks” block, or better, create a parameter or macro-variable to set the value at both places.