Stationarizing log linear model


I am a newbie in Dynare and DSGE model, I have some questions. Would you please help me?

My model is already in terms of log linearized around steady state by hand. I know in this case the steady state is equal to zero.
As the variables are already in its deviation from steady state, which I assume should be stationary. Should I still need to stationarize the model before doing log linearization?

If I assume there is no technological growth as well as no population growth, I do not need to stationarize the model, isn’t it?

Many thanks, I am looking forward to the experts explanation.

I think if you can do loglinearizeing, it means you can get the stady state. if your model is non-stationary, you can not find the steady state. About the growth rate, please refer to An sungbae and Frank(2007), they introduced how to stationarize your model before log linearizing.

Dear Zheng,
Many thanks for your reply.