Standalone application using dynare code

I want to make a standalone application in matlab, but the file I’m using calls a dynare code.
when I install it it works fine, but when I use the part that executes the dynare code it cracks.
Does anyone know, if you can make an .exe file that contains a dyne code ??
(I have tried to use, application compiler and the mcc code)
Thanks for the help.
Sara Naranjo

@sebastien Do you have an idea?

We (the Dynare Team) do not use the MATLAB compiler, and do not support the compilation of Dynare in this way.

So I’m afraid I can’t be of any help.

I think a few people have already tried to do this, but I’m not sure they succeeded.

I remember Harald Uhlig having a standalone version of the Smets/Wouters 2003 model. But that was Dynare 3.

Recently I did an .exe that it contained an invocation of dynare in a .m file.
I used GUIDE, matlab compiler and mcc.

The sentence was like this

dynare mymodel.mod

after that there were lines invocating results of the model.
Of course, dynare was installed previously.

So, maybe it could be fixed if you put

dynare mymodel.mod

before the part that executes the dynare code that cracks