Specific variable not allowed inside model declaration

I encountered this error: ERROR: Ramsey_GKT_TANK_mk.mod :line 299, cols 137-139: Variable Yss not allowed inside model declaration. Its scope is only outside model.

This model is a Ramsey allocation binding distortianary tax, government debt, and government spending. Government choose a optimal policy {tauc, taun, tauk, rk, R, B} using implemantability costraint, optimal policy are determined by alternative choosed {CR, CH, NR, NH, K, Kg…}.

I don’t quite understand this problem. I have Y_ss as my variable. Its steady state value is endogenous determined by N_ss, delta, delta_g, iy and giy. Could anyone help me out?

Really Appreciate,

Ramsey_GKT_TANK_mk.mod (20.9 KB)

This is a typo. You use the wrong variable Yss, it should be Y_ss.


It was a small mistake, but I took it seriously. Really appriciate it.