Something wrong with replicating Eric Sims' note

this is his model, the following is my mod.
repulication.mod.mod (636 Bytes)


y 		 0.0240424
I 		 -1.41392
k 		 2.27496
n 		 -1.10141
a 		 0
c 		 -0.246992
w 		 0.719991
R 		 -3.34953
r 		 0.010101
Problem in the model specification: some variables don't appear as
current. Check whether this is desired. 
Blanchard & Kahn conditions are not satisfied: indeterminacy.

ohhh!I know where the problem is. Because the rt is determined at time t-1.

In his previous notes, he uses this kind:

so in the model, r(+1) should be replaced by r.
And it can run successfully!