Some queations bbout computing the steadystate

Dear Experts,
I am having some problems solving the DSGE steady state with the following problems,The results of my run show “the steady state can’t be found”.
I don’t know the mistakes comes from my computing or others.
And here is the codeaa.mod (3.8 KB)

Hope for your advice.


Maybe check your equations carefully again. For example, under initval; block, WS = (1-alpha)*(mc*alpha^alpha/Rk^alpha)^(1/(1-alpha)) = 0.245, But in main model, WS=epsw/(epsw-1)*H1/H2 = 0.271;

That is why you have, for example, Equation number 3 : -0.026 (i.e., residual not zero) after running your mod file. Thus, 0.245 - 0.271 = -0.026.

Also, for example, in steady-state (initval block) W = WS = 0.24579. But if you use steady values for model equations, then W=(1-alpha)*mc*A*K^alpha*N^(-alpha) = 0.27384; and WS=epsw/(epsw-1)*H1/H2 = 0.27188;, so W \neq WS in model; block, but W = WS in initval; block.

These are some things you can check. Maybe this is helpful.

Thanks dear professor.
I retry to compute the steady stste.
thanks a lot!!!