Solution of a DSGE model in terms of the deep parameters

Hi all,

I was wondering whether there was any command in dynare that returned the coefficients of the policy function in terms of the deep parameters of the specified model. I am trying to solve a model by hand using the method of undetermined coefficients and I would like to check my results against dynare.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance


You can only do this check numerically. Dynare will not provide you with an analytical solution for the policy functions.

Professor, i have a question regarding this. (possibly the same thing… but i want to make it clear).
I want to know whether i can use Dynare to use undetermined coefficient method. Can i use Dynare to compute some coefficients using undetermined coefficient method?( In case, the model is so complicated) Or should i just compare the result from Dynare(something like irfs) with the one that i get by hand or from Matlab numerically?

Dynare will only give you the numerical value of the coefficients, not an analytical expression. Thus, to check correctness, you should compare things like IRFs or the numerical values of the policy function.

Thank you , professor. It helped me a lot.