Smoothing, filtering etc

I need advice on how to get ANY smoothed or filtered endogenous variable output from Dynare 4. I am also uncertain on what functionality in this area that has been implemented yet (the Userguide is unclear on this point.

E.g., I get the following error if I give the option “smoother” to the estimation command in Dynare 4.

??? Undefined function or variable “MAX_nforc1”.

Error in ==> PosteriorFilterSmootherAndForecast at 203
if irun6 > MAX_nforc1

Error in ==> dynare_estimation at 853

above depends on horizon!=0, b/c I have resuquested any forecast output. If I turn on the forecast option I get other errors, presumably b/c forecast functionaly has not been included yet.

I am using the Dynare 4 version from Nov 28th, 2007.

I noted that the SVN from yesterday (Dec 13th) seems to have solved the problem I mentioned with smoother in my last post.