Smoothed Variables

Just a quick question about smoothed estimates after MH estimation. It is stored in the results folder(oo_smoothed variables) For a model which is log-linear, the smoothed variables are stored as deviations from the mean (which is found in oo_posterior_mean). So in order to find the true values I just add back the mean. I read somewhere that they are stored as percentage deviations, which would imply that the variables need to be multiplied by the mean and then added to the mean to get the true value.

No. The smoothed variables are currently (up to Dynare 4.4) shown/stored excluding their mean and trend (if applicable). Whether they are in levels or loglevels depens on your model variable definition. If the model variables are in percentage deviations (log-linear model or exp()-substitution) then the smoothed variables will be as well.

Okay, thanks a ton!