Small PM Model for the US

Hi there,
I downloaded the code of a small Projection Model for the US from Douglas Laxton’s website. When I am trying to simaulte dynare (Version 4) shows me a syntax error in the estimation line:

estimation(datafile=data,nobs=56,mode_check,mh_replic=0,mh_nblocks=1,filtered_vars,filter_step_ahead=[1:12]) Y_US;

??? Error using ==> dynare at 19
syntax error at line 114

In the error file, is a problem with dos(command). The code is attached. Plaese halp me to understand the error.
Thanks in advance…


P.S. The code is attached
soe1.mod (4.84 KB)

Hi Björn,

Can you also post the code for the steady state and for the data? Otherwise I am not able to reproduce the problem.


Hi Stephane,

here is the rest of the code

Thanks for your reply

soe1.m (4.31 KB)
data.m (4.72 KB)

Björn, A file called soe1_steadystate.m is still missing. You need this file (where the steady state of the model is defined). Without this file dynare won’t find a steady state (because of the unit root) and will crash. The third equation is a random walk with drift, so there is no steady state for LGDP_BAR_US. But in the steady state file you can choose any value for this variable and determine (consistently with this variable) the steady state level of the other variables. You should look at the files fs2000a.mod and fs2000a_steadystate.m in the subfolder ./tests/fs2000.

Best, Stéphane.

Thanks a lot for the reply. I added the steady state file below.

Regards Björn
soe1_steadystate.m (607 Bytes)

Hi there,

I have a new error message in the code. I think Dynare has problems with the get_param_by_name instruction in my code?
the files are attached.
Thanks for your help!
soe1_steadystate.m (604 Bytes)
soe1.mod (1.14 KB)

Are you sure that you are using a recent version of Dynare?


Hi there and thanks for your reply!!

I am using version 4 of Dynare, but I don’t know if I need specific toolboxes for MATLAB? Is it necessary to have all toolboxes?

Best regards!


You don’t need any Matlab Toolbox to run Dynare. If you have the Optimization Toolbox, you have the choice of more algorithms for optimization.

The function get_param_by_name that you are refering to in a previous message is in Dynare 4.0.3 as well as in the snapshot. I suggest that you download the last version of Dynare.