Small Open Economy with Two agents MOD FILE

Hello everyone,
I am working as a research assistant and we are looking for Dynare mod files that can be used for two types of agents in a household, such as savers and borrowers or patient and impatient consumers in a small open economy. I have been searching for mod files that can be helpful, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any. Therefore, I am kindly requesting help in mod file that we can use for the two types of agents if possible.
Thank you kindly.

You can search among the Dynare working papers.
In some papers researchers upload their dynare file.

I have searched especially on Johannes Pfeifer page, like i looked at almost every mod file there but to no avail. Maybe let me recheck on the Dynare working papers you suggest.
Thank you.

You can search in science direct or other similar websites then you can send e-mail to the correspond author of the paper to e-mail you main DSGE dynare mod file. Altough some researchers may not work with dynare directly.

Thank you, i have tried email now waiting.

I hope you can get your desired dynare mod file.