Hi,I am new to dynare and I have a basic question. I simulate data from the RBC model of Ireland but the simulated values do not seem to be log deviations from the steady state values. They are rather large. My question is, should we expect to get log deviations of the variables from their steady values after simulation? Or am I missing something? I attached the mod file that I use as well.Thanks for your help,m.
rbc_steadystate.m (538 Bytes)
rbc.mod (995 Bytes)

Hi M.
if you want Dynare to compute log deviations, you have to replace all variables exp to the power of that variable, i.e. replace the variable x with exp(x) whereever it occurs. You can find examples of this in the user guide of Tommaso Mancini Griffoli, p.21.

Or, simply, simulate the model and compute the desired transformations and statistics of simulated values (like log).

Thanks a lot for your responses…