Simulation under mixed determininistic and stochastic shock


I am learning simulation under both deterministic and stochastic shocks. Specifically, I use the RBC model provided by dynare, ‘ramst.mod’, exteneded to allow for a deterministic technology shock “x” and a stochastic technology shock “y”. And use “stoch_simul(irf=0);” and “forecast(periods=1000)” to do the simulation.

The problem is that the initial condition that I specified is different from the initial values in the simulation result.

Specifically, I state the initial condition as follows,

initval; x = 0.8; y=0; k = ((delt+bet)/(1.0*aa*alph))^(1/(alph-1)); c = aa*k^alph-delt*k; end; steady;
which gives,

c               		 0.979592
k               		 8.16327

But in the simulated result, I obtain a different initial state:

>> c_initial=oo_.forecast.Mean.c(1)

c_initial =


>> k_initial=oo_.forecast.Mean.k(1)

k_initial =


I attached my codes. can anyone help take a look and let me know what goes wrong? besides, i am also wondering if the values for stochastic shocks used in “forecast” are zero? Thank you for your time in advance.
ramst_mixed.mod (2.34 KB)