Simulate Cross Sectional Data

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I am now having some problems regarding simulation cross-sectional data. I notice you have some nice files for simulation, eg

There you use simul_replic=100, to generate 100 simulations. However, I am having trouble doing the following: (the following is from some papers)
We simulate the model at the annual frequency. Each simulation has a length of 80 years. We drop the first 10 years of each simulation and repeat the process 100 times. At the cross-sectional level, each simulation
contains 5,000 firms.

So my understanding for this exercise is that, they do a total of 5000 firms * 70 years panel. Then they do this for 100 artificial such panels. and they calculate the cross-sample average of each sample moments.

The option in your sample code seems to do 100 artificial such panels. But not the 5000 firm thing. I wonder if you have any idea how I could do this in after dynare has solved the model and plotted the IRF? Any examples using dynare would be greatly appreciated.

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That depends on the model. The cross-section would need to be defined in the mod-file

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Sorry for this late reply. Continuing your previous reply, suppose now I am interested in just one simulated sample. i.e 5000firms*80 years, but not repeating the process for 100 times. ie. Only repeat it for once.

Then can I use simul_replic=5000, in stoch_simul in dynare mod file? It generates 5000 replications of one simulation. Then i use your get_replic_simulation.m to access all the simulations. But I tend to believe that it could ALSO represent 5000 firms cross-sectionally. Is this correct?

My model is in partial equilibrium and firms are only subject to idiosyncratic shocks that follow the same distribution.

Further, does it mean that in such cases, simul_replic=5000 can represent 5000 samples of an average firm over time, AS WELL As, 5000 firms over time for one sample?

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If there is no distinction between two individual firms except the sequence of shocks drawn, then the interpretation of a single simulation is completely up to you.

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Thanks for your prompt reply. I am curious why you say it is a SINGLE simulation if I use simul_replic in stoch_simul?

It seems to me that it is a replication of a simulation.

Sorry I am slow. Just to double confirm that simul_replic=5000 does represent 5000 samples of an average firm over time? AS WELL AS, 5000 firms over time for one sample? Sorry for repeating this.

Appreciate your help. Best, R

I used that term to refer to one time series simulation for one firm.
Yes, what you are saying is correct.

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Thanks! It is very helpful! Thank you!