# sign in Smets Wouters 2007 mod file

i am trying to replicate the SW AER 2007 paper using dynare version 4.2.0
in the mod file, SW use a command
(to call the m file in the syntax modfilename_stst that defines steady state restrictions on the estimated parameters)

however this seems to be causing the error message:

ERROR: usmodel.mod:83.1: syntax error, unexpected ‘#’, expecting EQUAL

has anybody encountered this problem?


I guess that this was written using Dynare 3. This construct is no longer valid under Dynare 4, but you may obtain the same result using the “external_function” command.

I cannot be more precise without more details on your problem (I don’t have the MOD file you’re talking about).


There is a Dynare 4 version here
[Syntax shock_decomposition)