Shock using expression doesn't occur

Line 44-46 of my mod file define the shock u,which should occur at period 10 and its value equals gw。Line 16 shows at period 10 , z should be zero (e is a shock happening just at period 1)。dynare could run this mod file and give outputs ,but z doesn’t become zero from period 10,it seems shock u doesn’t occur.
any help would be appreciated , thanks.
omomiu.mod (585 Bytes)

But gw is 0. So the result is expected.

shock u happens at period 10,as my file defines,doesn’t it mean u equal the value of gw at period 10 ?(at peroid 10 gw not equal 0)

This is a perfect foresight simulation. You need to specify the shocks in advance. So when you use the value of gw that is the steady state value of 0, not the endogenous value that gw might take on later.