Shock_decomposition error


I have an error when I do shock decomposition using Dynare 4.4.3 and Dynare 4.3.2. I even get the error using an example file from F. Collard

Really appreciate some help.

This is the error and see attached file:

Error using evaluate_smoother
Too many output arguments.

Error in shock_decomposition (line 67)
[oo,Smoothed_Variables_deviation_from_mean] = evaluate_smoother(parameter_set,varlist);

Error in example1 (line 168)
oo_ = shock_decomposition(M_,oo_,options_,var_list_);

Error in dynare (line 180)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;
example1.mod (1.66 KB)

The datafile is missing. Have you tried the unstable version?

Hi jpfeifer,

Thanks for the response. I’m using a calibrated model, I shouldn’t be using any data, right? The file “example1_calib_shock_decomp_data” is an empty mat file where the results are going to be stored. Is that right?

I tried using unstable version but still got an error:

I’m using Matlab_R2016a on a Mac OS X El Capitan
Thank you again,
example1.mod (1.66 KB)

Of course you need a datafile. shock_decomposition conducts a historical decomposition of the variables’ deviations from their mean in terms of shocks that drove them. How are you supposed to do this historical decomposition without a history of data? The datafile at is not empty and should work with the mod-file at