Setting path in Matlab

I am completely new to both Matlab and Dynare (as in…I just downloaded them both about 45mins ago) and am trying to get started.

I browsed online and found that I need to include the matlab subfolder of my dynare folder in the durrent file path.

So, I have gone to the editor tab > set path button > add folder button > selected the dynare folder > selected the matlab subfolder and added this folder. However, matlab is still saying dynare is missing from the file path.

Am I doing something wrong here?

No, that is correct. If you go to the same tab, check whether the path is still there. If it is, type

into the command window to check whether the dynare m-file can be found.

when I type CODE: select all

I get:

error: unexpected MATLAB expression

and when i type select all:

Undefined function ‘select’ for input arguments of type ‘char’.

sorry - forgot this part:

which dynare.m

Your path looks fine. But how are you executing/calling Dynare in Matlab. I don’t get what you are doing with