Second order perturbation simulation mismatches with dynare

Hello everyone, I have a quick question, and I would be glad if you help me with that. I am working on one model, and in order to avoid mistakes, I am using the perturbation method code by Schmidt-Grohe and Uribe and I also implemented the same exercise in dynare, and everything was fine (even when i calculate condicional welfare everything fine), but i came up with having some descriptive statistics from both codes, i am realized that when i’ve got standar deviations for the whole set of variables in matlab and dynare, and those series are not the same, actually if you divide the standar deviation of those series from matlab over the dynare’s std, it turns out to be a constant which corresponds to the persistence parameter rho (from the exogenous variable low motion)…I am getting crazy, cuz I don’t know which mistake i am doing, so this is why i went to you, to see if you have any clue about my problem.

In advance, thx so much.


hi mcastillo
I read your post, but i am not offering help, instead i need your help.
dynare version 4.3 computes the objective function(oo_.planner_objective_value), but i don’t know how to use it to get conditional welfare loss or unconditional welfare loss, that is where the software stores the conditional objective function value and unconditional objective function value?
thank you!