Save MCMC diagnostic figures automatically

Dynare automatically save the figures for prior distribution and the IRF, how could make it also automatically save figures for MCMC diagnostic and the PriorsandPosteriors distribution and also the smoothed variables?
Thank you very much!

i’ve got the same question. meanwhile i use this matlab code for saving several figures. … ve-figures


Thanks very much, rz! That’s very helpful!

These plots are saved in the subfolder <NAME_OF_YOUR_MOD_FILE_WITHOUT_EXTENSION> in pdf, eps and fig files.
Best, Stéphane.

Bonjour Stephane,

the image files are only saved as .eps format. I tried to look for pdf in the subfolder and the main folder but there is nothing. Can you please help ? Is there any code for dynare to save the images directly in pdf mode without creating .eps ?



You need to set graph_format = PDF

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