Running PMIC in Octave


I am running the attached Dynare code on Octave on a Mac and the minimal “Poor man’s invertibility condition” (mPMIC) doesn’t seem to be working, in the main.

I kindly ask of somebody to run it for me and report the results on here.

There are two sets of parametrisation (for the EA and the USA), for each of which the parameter \gamma (gamma) is assigned three values (0, 0.5, 1), consequently, the mPMIC is to be run six times in total.

In case matrix D were to be found non-invertible \gamma's parametrisation could be accommodated to the nearest fourth decimal place (0.0001, 0.4999, 0.9999) or the like in an attempt to circumvent the issue.

Available in the event of any doubts. Thank you.

RFC.mod (3.5 KB)