Run with example1.mod by Dynare++

Hello, I can run dynare code successfully but I failure to run dynare++ example code in my first try.

The Dynare++ Tutorial says the setup have two procedures:

  1. Add the dynare++ subdirectory of the root Dynare installation directory to the your operating system path.
  2. Add to your MATLAB path the dynare++ subdirectory of the root Dynare installation directory.

So I operate the first step according to add-to-the-path-on-mac-os-x, and I finish the second step by add the matlab folder of dynare++ to the path.

I have set the current folder to the example folder where the mod-file is located. When I type the command dynare++ example1.mod in the matlab, it says error using dynare, too many output arguments. And the command !dynare++ example1.mod give a result /bin/bash: dynare++: command not found.

I am wondering how to address it. Thanks!

Are you operating from the command line or Matlab?

Yes, I operate from Matlab. Actually, I also cannot successfully run mod file in command line(Terminal In mac OS).

The easiest thing usually is to have the dynare++ mod-file in the same folder as the dynare++ main file.

Thank you professor Pfeifer, I’m not sure I got it and my trial fails again.

Since it’s my first time using dynare++, I have tried to follow Chapter 1 and 3(Dynare++ Tutorial) carefully but feel confused somewhat. Maybe my configuration was wrong at first.

I would really appreciate it if you could offer some other tutorials or commands on how to configure and run it for a beginner like me. I hope that won’t bother you.

Best, Jiawei

So what happens if you put the mod-file you are trying to run into the Dynare++ folder of your Dynare installation and then run dynare++ from the terminal?