Run Dynare4.5.3

Dear everyone,
I want to run dynare code of version 4.5.3 with matlab R2017b , but errors happened as follows:
Error using check_matlab_path (line 103)
You put all the dynare/matlab subfolders in matlab’s path! Only the dynare/matlab folder (without subfolders)
should be in the path, Dynare will automatically add any required subfolders in the path.

Error in dynare (line 60)

As the error says: delete all Dynare related folders from Matlab’s path settings and then only add the dynare/matlab subfolder.

Dear professor,
I did exactly what you said but the Matlab can’t run or read the .mod file from Dynare examples folder.
Please, explain me how to solve it. I am using Dynare 4.5.4 and Matlab R2018a.

Do you still get the same error message?