Retrieve modfile and software versions


Is there a way to retrieve
1 the version of matlab
2 the version of dynare
3 the mod file
from the data stored in the matlab memory after one has run a dynare file with estimation?
I noticed that in dynare 4.5.6 dynare saves its version number in oo_.dynare_version. but how about older dynare versions? how about the other 2 missing items?
I ask because a long time ago I ran a dynare file and saved everything from the memory. But then i lost the mod file and i don’t remember which dynare/matlab versions I used.
Many Thanks!

The Matlab-version is not saved as it does not relate to Dynare. The Dynare version was only saved in more recent Dynare versions (it seems since 4.5.0). The name of the mod-file can be extracted via M_.fname

Dear Johannes
thanks. I had found the name of the mod file, but is the mod file itself also saved somewhere in the memory? I lost the original mod file since i overwrote it with a different mod file later.

Besides, do you know why different matlab versions lead to different bayesian estimation results even with the exact same mod file? The estimation procedure is random but dynare should set the seed to zero automatically at the beginning of the estimation. Can that be avoided?

  1. No, the mod-file content is not saved. You are responsible for your own backups
  2. There were a few issues that made Dynare’s results not completely deterministic. Only in recent versions you can be assured to get the same results in different runs (unless Matlab changes something related to random numbers)

Bad luck! But thanks for the quick reply!