RESOL:stochastic exogenous variables must appear only at the

Hi to all:

   When i want to estimate a model run snapshot4,i get the error message

   Error using ==> check_model at 28
   RESOL: stochastic exogenous variables must appear only at the current period. Use additional endogenous variables

    i check the model,but i can't find which varianble cause the error.

   how can i fix it? 
     Thanks for you help.

Hi, Can you post your mod file ?
Best, Stéphane.

Hi Stephane,

thank you for your reply.
I find one exogenous variables with time -1 and another with time +1, I define two additional variable but it doesn’t work. I simply change the time at the current,i know it is wrong,but it seem work.
But when I estimate the parameters , I enconter the same problem as

Baysian estimation of Lubik et al JME 2007

I have no idea how to deal with it.

I can’t help you if you do not show your mod file, or another one reproducing the problem,and the data for estimation.
Best, Stéphane.

Hi Stephane,

i check the model again, and difine two addtional variables, it 's ok.
The second problem, I still can’t solve it .