Resol and mjdgges

Dear Team

I have two interrelated questions. I have estimated a model (Bayesian, all standard, no problems).
Now I want to play with results, plot counterfactuals - all in MATLAB, using *_results.mat. file

I load *_results.mat
set shocks and initial values,
(I think at some point it asks for _dynamic.mat and _static_mat so I have all of them in the same folder where the plotting code is)

  1. call
    [oo_.dr,info,M_,options_] = resol(0,M_,options_,oo_);
  2. call
  3. set different shocks (and initial values if needed)

At resol it complains
“Unrecognized function or variable ‘mjdgges’”

However, if I previously run any kind of dynare simulations (different file, simulations, not estimation, for example) then there is no complaint.

Question 1: does it matter what I run before? Or if i plot something it must be immediately after the estimation code with the model has been run? (This would be very odd, I would say)

Question 2: what is this resol doing? Do I need to call resol again before calling y_1=simult_(y0,dr,ex_1,iorder)?

Just checking that what I am doing is correct.

PS. I am using 4.5.7 but happy to change to something else if this sis a bug.

Many thanks

  1. If you start a Matlab session without running Dynare first, you should run dynare_config to set up the path. That explains the message about mjdgges, because the path to the mex-file was not set.
  2. resol computes the decision rules. If you change parameters, you of course need to recompute the decision rules. If you just run a different simulation with different shocks, then you don’t need to invoke it again.
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