Residuals are zero but dynare cannot find the steady state

Good evening everyone,

All residual equations are zero but dynare cannot compute the steady state. Here is the file:

Thank you in advance for the help :slight_smile:

Your analytical steady state does not make sense:


K_f      		 8.46972e-07
L_f      		 1.99574e-12
KL_f     		 1.61415e-07
M        		 1.99233e-07
M_v      		 3.79395e-07
M_s      		 7.0215e-08
Z_f      		 1.66071e-07
Y_f      		 1.89277e-07
E_f      		 6.03277e-12
El_f     		 1.92314e-12
Nel_f    		 4.10962e-12
Y_m      		 3.79413e-07
Z_m      		 5.09868e-05
RW       		 1.17637e-08
KL_m     		 8.95785e+27
K_m      		 424391
L_m      		 1
E_m      		 4.45111e-15
El_m     		 2.68579e-15
Nel_m    		 4.1302e-15
r        		 0.0764775
w        		 38.7583
p_e_f    		 775.387
p_m      		 0.0299329
K        		 430559
Inv_k    		 16992.6
uc       		 0.113838
p_e_h    		 1370.1
D        		 -31845.2
Inv_d    		 -3201.56
X        		 -34636.3
E_h      		 -1.67808
ES       		 -7833.27
C        		 -27876.3
El_h     		 -0.430132
Nel_h    		 -1.24795
PS       		 -11714.3
Revenues 		 29620.2
Expenses 		 29620.2