Resid (1) - Confusion!

Dear All,

I use a resid(1) option to view the residuals of the static equation which in turn guides me what initial value i should change in the inival block. My model has a total of 38 equations and what i don’t understand is why dynare gives me a different set of non-zero equations?

for instance after using resid(1) or

steady; followed by check;

or steady(solve_algo=0) to steady(solve_algo=3) followed by check;

every time I get a different set of residual equations that demands my attention. Can anyone please explain why is it so?

Does that mean if I somehow manage to find a solution to my model let’s say with solve_algo=1, that same solution won’t hold for any other algorithm?

resid (1) prints the residuals given the current initial values. Directly after initval, they are the ones specified in this block. After a steady command, they are the residuals given the best-fitting values found during steady state search. That is why resid(1) typically belongs before a steady command and after initval.

Thanks alot!